1st International Twenty20 Cricket Festival english

1st International Twenty20

Cricket Festival

June, 16th and 17th, 2007

Radish Cricket Ground - Lodi


The Idle Cricket club has organized the 1st International Twenty20 Cricket Festival to take place at the
Radish Cricket Ground, on the 16th and 17th of June 2007. 

In addition to the host club, 2 other teams from France and Switzerland, and the famous UK Subs CC, will take part in the event.

Tournament Rules

1. Each match will be played over 20 overs per innings.

2. Bowlers will be limited to a maximum of 4 overs per innings.

3. For the first 8 overs of each innings, only 2 fielders will be allowed to be positioned outside the fielding circle (25 metres from the wickets).

4. In the remaining overs (9-20) a maximum of 5 fielders will be allowed outside the fielding circle.

5.The tournament is 'friendly'. For this motive, every full toss that reaches the batsman above the waist, and every short ball (bouncer) that reaches the batsman above the shoulder, will be considered a no-ball.

6. Each no-ball will be penalized with 2 extras in addition to any subsequent runs scored. In addition, the batsman will also have the opportunity for a 'free hit' the next ball. This ball will not be counted in the over and the batsman may only be eliminated 'run-out' or in any other way deemed legal according to the laws of cricket following a no-ball. The bowler must therefore still bowl an extra ball (s) to complete the over.

7. Each team must bowl its 20 overs within a time period of 90 minutes.

8. Between innings in each match there will be an interval of 10 minutes.



Idle CC will be pleased to meet and greet the teams in Lodi on the Friday evening, from 9pm onwards at bar Motta, which is found in Corso Umberto, opposite number 46.


The draw will take place at bar Motta at 10pm on Friday 15th June. The presence of at least one representative of each team is requested.

For organisational purposes, Idle CC will play in the second match on Saturday, which will begin at 2.15pm. 


Each match will consist of 20 overs per innings. The overs must be completed in a maximum of 90 minutes. There will be an interval of 10 minutes between innings, and 15 minutes between matches


1. A – B: 10.30am –1.45pm
2. C – Idle CC: 2.15pm – 5.30pm

Again, each 20 over innings must be completed within 90 minutes. There will only be a 15 minute interval between matches.

Loser 1 – Loser 2: 10am – 1.15pm
Winner 1 – Winner 2: 1.30pm – 4.45pm

Presentations: 5pm

Each team must provide an umpire for the match in which they are not playing.

Each team must provide their own balls.

All full tosses above the waist, and bouncers over the shoulder of the batsman will be called a no ball.